ADN is launching the 2nd edition of its entrepreneurial competition in

collaboration with the Cité Collégiale, the Conseil des Ecoles Catholiques du

Centre-Est and BEN’SS PRO.

As a reminder, the purpose of the ADN entrepreneurial competitions is to

allow Afro-descendant entrepreneurs to highlight themselves, but also and

above all to showcase their talent in to be able to benefit from the

multifaceted support offered by ADN and its partners for those who will have

the chance and the honor to see their projects selected.

ADN goes further with an innovation that will consist in taking charge of the

lucky winners of this competition by giving them high-level training in the

management of the different aspects of a project, personalized coaching and

monitoring of the execution of the said project.

The stated objective of ADN through these entrepreneurial competitions is to

identify, mobilize, and connect the intelligences and skills of Blacks and

Afro-descendants around unifying cultural and socio-economic projects in

Ontario, and even across Canada.

– March 10, 2023: Deadline for projects registration for the competition

– March 23, 2023: Holding of the round table of support organizations for the

Afro-Descendant entrepreneurial ecosystem of Ottawa-Gatineau and

presentation of the results of ADN research on this ecosystem

– March 25, 2023: Sales Pitches Workshop as a preparatory phase for the

benefit of contest participants

– March 31, 2023: Entrepreneurial Competition followed by free

Entrepreneurial training (pre-incubation/Incubation/Acceleration according to

the profile of the participants in the competition)
Registration can be done via the QR code or by clicking on