The notion of “win-win partnerships” is at the heart of the development strategy of our Africa Development Network organization. We understood that it was not always necessary to recreate the wheel. We have therefore chosen to partner with organizations with a well-established reputation in many areas.

Their shared expertise allows our organization to carry out its mission in the service of Africa and its diaspora, everywhere in the world. To this end, we are happy to count among our partners, prestigious institutions like the Caisse populaire Desjardins, African Canadian Association of Ottawa (ACAO) which brings together more than 50 African organizations, the High Commission of Canada in Cameroon, the organization Épelle-Moi Canada and many others.

With this approach of negotiating and implementing mutually beneficial partnerships, ADN finds itself at the heart of cultural and economic communities, and has more levers to support its target population on all continents.

Co-Founder and Administrator in charge of partnerships and cooperation