Africa can count on the support of one of the most dynamic diasporas in the world today. This is an opportunity that the ADN organization has been able to capitalize on by working to mobilize it around the continent’s development challenges.

It is about getting the diaspora interested in supporting development initiatives initiated and supported by local populations. To do this, ADN can count on the support of partners, members of its ecosystem of pan-African organizations and companies, like the Association for the Promotion of Endogenous Economic Development Initiatives in Africa (Association IDÉE- Africa or AIA) headquartered in Africa (Cameroon).

ADN and AIA have thus undertaken a vast project to promote young entrepreneurship in Africa as part of the implementation of a Program for the Promotion of Youth Entrepreneurship and Responsible Citizenship (PEJECIR). This program has two operational tools, namely, a Business Fair called “Entrepreneurial, Discovery and Exchange Days” (JEDE-PEJECIR), the 1st edition of which was held in February 2020 in Douala and a business incubator being created to promote social innovation projects.

By supporting these wealth creation and job generation initiatives, ADN is establishing its roots in Africa, with Cameroon as a starting point.

Co-Founder and Administrator in charge of relations with Africa