Africans around the world are mobilizing today to take charge of themselves on a long-term basis, thanks to the strength of their network of professionals. The ADN organization and its ecosystem of partner companies and organizations are committed to this, by connecting all Africans, Afro descendants and friends of Africa, project leaders in favor of Africa and / or its diaspora.

Through this winning strategy, the aim is to accelerate the endogenous completion of these various projects thanks to the multifaceted resources available to the DNA network. The stated ambition of our organization has been, from its inception, to work to become one of the main socio-professional organizations representative of the African diaspora in the world.

After only a few years of existence, it already has to its credit, several projects with a pan-African dimension that it has successfully initiated and piloted in areas as varied as capacity building of its members; the promotion of entrepreneurship; investment in research and innovation; the promotion and enhancement of African art and culture in the world, public health, etc. And the best is yet to come …

ADN promoter and chairman of the board