Each African country is a pool of skills that must be identified and developed. The Africa Development Network Country Office Coordination has given itself the specific mandate of federating these skills around projects of common interest that enhance Africa.

And on the operational level, ADN offers the possibility to all leaders wishing to have a branch established in their country, to submit a request for creation to the Board of Directors. It is through these country offices that the ADN organization deploys its integrated development program towards Africa, with the support of its diaspora.

Co-Founder and administrator in charge of coordinating ADN country offices

Franklin Epapé

Africa can count on the support of one of the most dynamic diasporas in the world today. This is an opportunity that the ADN organization has been able to capitalize on by working to mobilize it around the continent’s development challenges.

It is about getting the diaspora interested in supporting development initiatives initiated and supported by local populations. To do this, ADN can count on the support of partners, members of its ecosystem of pan-African organizations and companies, like the Association for the Promotion of Endogenous Economic Development Initiatives in Africa (Association IDÉE- Africa or AIA) headquartered in Africa (Cameroon).

ADN and AIA have thus undertaken a vast project to promote young entrepreneurship in Africa as part of the implementation of a Program for the Promotion of Youth Entrepreneurship and Responsible Citizenship (PEJECIR). This program has two operational tools, namely, a Business Fair called “Entrepreneurial, Discovery and Exchange Days” (JEDE-PEJECIR), the 1st edition of which was held in February 2020 in Douala and a business incubator being created to promote social innovation projects.

By supporting these wealth creation and job generation initiatives, ADN is establishing its roots in Africa, with Cameroon as a starting point.

Co-Founder and Administrator in charge of relations with Africa


Patrick Demanou

Mastery of the financial instrument is essential to achieving the objectives of the Africa Development Network organization. To finance its action plan, ADN will have to gradually set up a wealth creation mechanism to gain independence and autonomy.

The first step is to pursue the innovative actions to mobilize the financial resources required within the ADN network to support the first initiatives led by Africans, Afro-Descendants and friends of Africa, in favor of the development of the continent. and its diaspora.

We are also proud of the results of this winning strategy which has already enabled the crowdfunding of several projects through the strength of the DNA network.

Co-Founder and Administrator in charge of finances

Isidore Douale

The notion of “win-win partnerships” is at the heart of the development strategy of our Africa Development Network organization. We understood that it was not always necessary to recreate the wheel. We have therefore chosen to partner with organizations with a well-established reputation in many areas.

Their shared expertise allows our organization to carry out its mission in the service of Africa and its diaspora, everywhere in the world. To this end, we are happy to count among our partners, prestigious institutions like the Caisse populaire Desjardins, African Canadian Association of Ottawa (ACAO) which brings together more than 50 African organizations, the High Commission of Canada in Cameroon, the organization Épelle-Moi Canada and many others.

With this approach of negotiating and implementing mutually beneficial partnerships, ADN finds itself at the heart of cultural and economic communities, and has more levers to support its target population on all continents.

Co-Founder and Administrator in charge of partnerships and cooperation

Serges Demefack

Many important initiatives carried by Africans or that could benefit Africans, Afro-descendants and the African diaspora have failed for lack of various resources. ADN’s mandate is to curb this problem by implementing an innovative project management approach that integrates the mobilization of multidisciplinary resources and skills available within its network of professionals, and through its ecosystem of partner companies and organizations.

The projects supported by ADN aim to strengthen the socio-professional integration of members residing outside the continent and to promote the development of Africa.

Co-Founder and administrator in charge of project management

Salomon Fotsing

Africans around the world are mobilizing today to take charge of themselves on a long-term basis, thanks to the strength of their network of professionals. The ADN organization and its ecosystem of partner companies and organizations are committed to this, by connecting all Africans, Afro descendants and friends of Africa, project leaders in favor of Africa and / or its diaspora.

Through this winning strategy, the aim is to accelerate the endogenous completion of these various projects thanks to the multifaceted resources available to the DNA network. The stated ambition of our organization has been, from its inception, to work to become one of the main socio-professional organizations representative of the African diaspora in the world.

After only a few years of existence, it already has to its credit, several projects with a pan-African dimension that it has successfully initiated and piloted in areas as varied as capacity building of its members; the promotion of entrepreneurship; investment in research and innovation; the promotion and enhancement of African art and culture in the world, public health, etc. And the best is yet to come …

ADN promoter and chairman of the board

André Gallo Azambou