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1st BBQ for networking and entrepreneurial recognition “ADN"

June 17, 2022

In November 2021, Africa Development Network (ADN) approached the Ontario Cooperation Council (OCC) to hire the latter's expertise in order to facilitate the implementation of the support program for young entrepreneurs. This program fits with the targets ofADN to help create 200 black businesses and support 400 entrepreneurs by the end of 2024

Delivery and benefits of the preincubation program

A program of preincubation aims to enable aspiring entrepreneurs to move from entrepreneurial intuition to an entrepreneurial project. This program of 13 weeks i.e. 3 months was delivered virtually from April 5 to June 30, 2022 to 17 entrepreneurs. 
It allowed young entrepreneurs to benefit from 20 workshops on various themes allowing them to develop both their entrepreneurial skills and their skills. entrepreneurial. In addition to these workshops, the pre-incubated entrepreneurs have received up to 5 personalized support sessions during which they were able to formulate specific requests and benefit from support sure-measure concerning their entrepreneurial idea. Inspiring stories and opportunities to networking also came to complete this journey of preincubation to stimulate fiber entrepreneurial skills of the participants. 
 The 17 participating entrepreneurs were also able to travel to Digihub de Schawinigan as part of the Ontario-Quebec bridge program, led by the CCO, and which offers entrepreneurs from one province the opportunity to open up to the other province as part of exploratory missions. They benefited from on-site training and networking activities. 
Their efforts and attendance at the program was reward by submitting certificates during the BBQ of Afro-descendant entrepreneurs on June 17, 2022 aimed at bringing together the Afro-Descendant entrepreneurial community of the Canadian Capital Region and offering them a unique networking opportunity and experience. 


June 17, 2022
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