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Mission vision value | Africa Development Network

Our mission

The main missions of ADN are:
To identify, mobilize, and connect between them; African intelligence and skills around unifying cultural and socio-economic projects.

Our Vision

La vision d ' ADN in the long term is:
Become one of the main socio-professional organizations representative of the African diaspora in the world.

Our Values / Mission

The values ​​of ADN are the following

1. Skill:

It must be at the heart of the actions of the members and administrators of theADN who carry out their duties professionally. It is also required in the contribution by stakeholders of their knowledge, skills and experience in achieving the results targeted by
the organization.

2. Impartiality:

Impartiality must at all times guide the action of members and administrators who are called upon to demonstrate neutrality and objectivity. They must, without any partisan considerations, make their decisions in accordance with established rules and granting fair treatment to all those with whom they interact within the framework of the activities of theADN.

3. Integrity: 

Integrity, which rhymes with honesty and fairness in the way one conducts oneself, must motivate the members and administrators of theADN in managing the affairs of the organization.

4. Loyalty:

It requires members and administrators to fulfill their duties while respecting the directions and decisions taken by the decision-making bodies. Because, in the exercise of their mandate, they represent the organization wherever they are.

5. Respect:

It is a question of members and administrators showing consideration towards all people with whom they interact in the performance of their duties. This requires them to demonstrate courtesy and discretion and to develop a spirit of listening to their interlocutors. And finally, to exercise diligence and avoid all forms of discrimination.

Our foundations

Africa Development Network (ADN) has the social purpose of promoting the socio-economic development of Africa and the socio-professional development of its diaspora through identification; the mobilization and connection of African intelligence and skills, around the implementation of unifying and innovative projects. And specifically, it will be about ADN of:

  • structure and mobilize the African diaspora around themes and projects of common interest in favor of the development of Africa;
  • promote and enhance the image of Africa among lovers of the continent throughout the world; 
  • serve as a credible interface and facilitate interactions between the African diaspora, civil society, the business world, Governments, the media, the Diplomatic Corps, foreign investors and International Organizations committed to supporting Africa in its march towards its emergence;

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