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Africa Development Network (ADN) is an international professional network of an associative, apolitical and non-profit nature which works in favor of the socio-economic development of Africa and its diaspora by promoting the mobilization of resources and skills around innovative socio-economic projects; and the connection between local Africans and the diaspora, and more generally with lovers of Africa for the implementation of these projects.

The Africa Development Network Certificate of Compliance (ADN) was issued on August 8, 2019, in accordance with the Canadian Not-for-Profit Corporations Act, under No. 1156063-8. Its head office is in Ottawa (Canada) PO Box 45511 Chapman Mills, K2J 0P9,
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

The Africa Development Network organization has, among other communication supports,
interactive, a digital platform (Whats'App), a website and also various media
social networks that connect African professionals from the diaspora and those from
terroir for the search for solutions to the ills facing the continent
(illiteracy, difficulties accessing water, unemployment, endemic diseases, problems
infrastructure, etc.) which delay its development. Through this digital platform,
African professionals thanks to advances in technology have an inclusive system
enabling children across the continent to learn from each other and share
useful information, despite the geographical distance that separates them. This is about not excluding
person in the vast project of building an integrated and prosperous Africa.


The Africa Development Network (AD) project was designed and led by André Gallo AZAMBOU, residing in Canada (Ottawa) who, as a visionary, fundamentally convinced of the capacity and necessity for Africans to come together to pool their skills and their resources at the service of the continent, first initiated the digital platform ofADN. Then, in view of the quality and density of the exchanges in relation to the challenges of the continent, was joined in this thrilling adventure by other lovers of Africa on the ground and the diaspora, also deeply committed to changing the face of the land of their ancestors.


Franklin NJOH EPAPE (Canada), Isidore R. DOUALE FETGO (Canada), Blaise Pascal TANGUY (France)
Patrick N. DEMANOU KANA (Cameroon)
Serges DEMEFACK DOUANLA (United States)
Teacher. Siméon Pierre CHOUKEM (Cameroon)
Guy MOUAFO OUSI (France)
Gervais DJIMELI LEKPA (Cameroon)

Dr Salomon FOTSING (Canada).
Dr Jackson GUIMEZAP TSOPMO (Canada).
Simon Roger GUETSA (United States).
Henri Edouard TONNANG (Kenya).
Amadou DIAWARA (Mali)
Valerie ASSOI (Canada / Ivory Coast).
Nicole NDOUBAYO (Chad).
Cyrille TCHINDA (Gabon).
Dr Dalvarice NGOUDJOU (Cameroon).


It is this dynamic and ambitious team that worked tirelessly to create the Organization ADN by giving it its legal personality. To these pioneers,
Around thirty other Africans were added to form the group of founding members of theADN. ADN is happy to be able to count on this extraordinary team of African visionaries as well as its vast network of active members around the world, with whom it has been writing its history since its creation. He also encourages all talented Africans, Afro-descendants and friends of Africa to join the team in achieving its mission.

Focal points by country

Blaise Pascal TANGUY

Focal Point France

Guy Mouafo Noussi

Focal Point France


Focal Point Mali

Cyrille CHINDA

Focal Point Gabon

Professor Siméon CHOUKEM

Focal Point Cameroon


Focal Point Cameroon

Dr Dalvarice Ngoudjou

Focal Point Cameroon

Valerie ASSOI

Focal Point Ivory Coast


Focal Point Kenya


Focal Point Chad

Simon Roger GUETSA

USA Focal Point


Focal Point Canada

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