Who are we

An international network of an associative, apolitical and non-profit nature that works in favor of the socio-economic development of Africa and its diaspora by promoting the mobilization of resources and skills around innovative socio-economic projects.

  • Promote and disseminate the activities of creators, local developers.
  • Disseminate the agendas of events concerning the development of Africa and its Diaspora.
  • Share any information necessary for a better understanding of our projects.
  • Create a framework to help find local partners.
  • Promote the search for means of financing by participation or taking of financing shares.
  • Design and participate in co-development projects.
  • Develop links of interactions between local professionals and the diaspora.
  • Promote development actions and initiatives concerning Africa.
  • To be a source of information and referral for local students seeking external training.